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  1. OX-P010208-nz-small_img
    OX Angular Poly Float

    Product code: OX-P010208

    • professional angular polyurethane float
    • one piece moulded for longer life
    • high quality material made in eu
    • 80mm x 260mm
  2. OX-P010513-nz-small_img
    OX Trade Aluminium Hawk

    Product code: OX-P010513

    • high quality tempered aluminium hawk blade
    • duragrip handle for comfort and better ergonomics
    • lightweight aluminium mounting with 6 rivet to handle
  3. OX-P010718-nz-small_img
    OX Plaster Scoop

    Product code: OX-P010718

    • heavy duty galvanised plaster scoop
    • quality galvanise steel for longer life
    • bracketbucket hang hook
    • oxgrip handle for more comfort
    • 180mm
  4. OX-P010830-nz-small_img
    OX Perforated Sponge Float

    Product code: OX-P010830

    • professional quality perforated sponge float
    • lightweigt zinc plated perforated blade
    • easy to clean
    • special fine cell sponge for better absorption
    • duragrip handle for better ergonomics
    • 130mm x 300mm
  5. OX-P012027-nz-small_img
    OX Pointed Plastic Float

    Product code: OX-P012027

    • trade quality pointed plastic float
    • high strength abs plastic
    • diamond patterned base
  6. OX-P012718-nz-small_img
    OX Boat Shaped Polystyrene Float

    Product code: OX-P012718

    • high quality polystyrene boat shaped float
    • one piece moulded for added strength
    • 205mm x 350mm
  7. OX-P014014-nz-small_img
    OX Rubber Sponge Float

    Product code: OX-P014014

    • professional rubber sponge float for rendering
    • one piece moulded handle and blade for added strength
    • easy sponge swap out
    • soft - long life "sponge rubber" material
    • 140mm x 280mm
  8. OX-P019813-nz-small_img
    OX Replacement Sponge

    Product code: OX-P019813

    • specialized sponge compound
    • render specific absorbtion
    • 130mm x 300mm
    • suits ox-p010830 sponge float
  9. OX-P019914-nz-small_img
    OX Rubber Replacement Sponges

    Product code: OX-P019914

    • long life sponge rubber material
    • self adhesive backng and pre-glued for easy adhesion
    • 140mm x 280mm
    • suits ox-po014014 rubber float
  10. OX-P020201-nz-small_img
    OX Plasterers Square

    Product code: OX-P020201

    • high quality stainless steel plasterers square
    • fully adjustable for precise bevels and cutting
    • adjustable wing nuts for setting angles
    • 210mm x 210mm x 300mm
  11. OX-P023201-nz-small_img
    OX Wooden Mitre Box

    Product code: OX-P023201

    • laminated plywood mitre box
    • durable construction quality
  12. OX-P049799-nz-small_img
    OX Hopper Gun Repair Kit

    Product code: OX-P049799

    • genuine parts
    • contains all o rings and shaft seals to repair ox tecture gun part number ox-t040309
  13. OX-P060105-nz-base_img
    OX Masonry Water Brush

    Product code: OX-P060105

    • professional quality masonry waterbrush
    • white tampico fibre bristles
    • bristles set securely into hardwood block
    • handle pinned and glued for secure attachment
  14. OX-P120220-nz-small_img
    OX Heavy Duty Stirrer - M14

    Product code: OX-P120220

    • heavy duty stirring paddle
    • chrome plated for durability
    • for mixing lime putty plaster
  15. OX-P120308-nz-small_img
    OX Ribbon Mixing Paddle Positive

    Product code: OX-P120308

    • heavy duty mixing paddle for low to medium viscosity materials
    • positive helix design
    • best mixing applications paint and general liquids - low to medium viscosity
    • chrome plated for longer life
  16. OX-P120435-nz-small_img
    OX Mixing Paddle, Negative

    Product code: OX-P120435

    • heavy duty mixing paddle for medium viscosity materials
    • negative helix
    • best mixing applications acrylic render with grit, thick paint etc - meduim viscosity materials
    • chrome plated for longer life
  17. OX-P120535-nz-small_img
    OX Mixing Paddle, Positive

    Product code: OX-P120535

    • heavy duty mixing paddle for high viscosity materials
    • postive helix
    • best mixing applications acrylic render without grit, thick paint - high viscosity materials
    • chrome plated for longer life
  18. OX-P120612-nz-small_img
    OX Mixing Paddle, Helical w/rim

    Product code: OX-P120612

    • heavy duty helical mixing paddle for high viscosity materials
    • positive helix
    • best mixing applicatiosn tile glue, grout etc - high viscosity materials
    • chrome plated for longer life
  19. OX-P120809-nz-small_img
    OX Dual Fin Mixing Paddle

    Product code: OX-P120809

    • heavy duty dual fin mixing paddle for all viscosity materials
    • dual fin
    • best mixing applications paint, tile glue, grout etc - multi-purpose use on low to high viscosity materials
    • chrome plated longer life
  20. OX-P121515-nz-small_img
    OX Mixing Paddle Extension

    Product code: OX-P121515

    • heavy duty mixing paddle extension
    • increasing the length of m14 drive shaft
    • chrome plated longer life
  21. OX-P122801-nz-small_img
    OX Mini Whip Mixer (8mm Hex)

    Product code: OX-P122801

    • ultimate mini whip mixing paddle
    • parallel mixing action for faster mixing applications
    • zinc plated for longer life and easier cleaning
    • 8mm hex shaft to fit all 13mm drill chucks
    • suitable small batch mixing applicationsl tile glue, adhesives grout, render, pain and mud
  22. OX-P282-nz-small_img
    OX 1800W Mixing Drill

    Product code: OX-P282

    • hand held 1500w mixing drill for paint, plaster, grout and concrete
    • compact lightweight balanced design
    • dual ergonomic duragrip 'd' handle
    • externally accessable carbon brushes
    • 2 speed gearbox for heavy duty applications
    • soft start and electronic variable speed
    • supplied in durable carrying case
  23. OX-P286-nz-small_img
    OX 1600W Mixing Drill

    Product code: OX-P286

    • high performance mixing drill
    • powerful 1600w motor with constant speed control
    • oxgrip dual hold comfort handle with egonomic trigger position
    • balanced and lightweight design(6kg)
    • variable speed on the trigger and soft start
    • supplied with bonus mixing paddle
    • no load speed 180-400rpm and 300-700rpm
    • m14 threaded bit reception
  24. OX-P402414-nz-small_img
    OX Yellow Sponge Float

    Product code: OX-P402414

    • professional yellow sponge float for sandy surfacesl
    • fine cell foam pad bonded to aluminium backing pad
    • 28mm thick foam pad for longer life
    • oxgrip wide grip ergonomic handle
    • 140mm x 280mm
  25. OX-P402514-nz-small_img
    OX Yellow Replacement Sponges - Pack of 7

    Product code: OX-P402514

    • professional yellow sponge float for sandy surfacesl
    • 28mm thick foam pad for longer life
    • suits ox-p402414
    • 140mm x 280mm(pack of 6)
  26. OX-P408205-nz-small_img
    OX Internal Corner Trowel

    Product code: OX-P408205

    • professional small internal corner trowel
    • ideal for finishing hard-wall plaster
    • sharp 90 degree blade for accurate finishing
    • oxgrip handle amd finger stop for better ergonomics
    • 50mm x 70mm
  27. OX-P408511-nz-small_img
    OX Red Texture Finishing Trowel

    Product code: OX-P408511

    • professional red texture blade finishing trowel
    • #1 texture trowel on the market
    • made in germany
    • lightweight design for easy use
    • can be used with wet plaster
    • oxgrip handle for better ergonomics
  28. OX-P531501-nz-small_img
    OX Speedskim Universal Pole Attachment

    Product code: OX-P531501

    • speedskim universal pole attachment
    • heavy duty glass filled nylon construction for added strength
    • compatible with all speedskim products and threaded extension poles
  29. ox-pro-golden-steel-finishing-trowel_nz-small_img
    OX Golden Steel Finishing Trowel
    • professional golden steel finishing trowel
    • high quality lightweight tempered stainless steel blade
    • pre-worn edges to elimate line and ripple marks when finishing
    • lightweight and durable fully riveted aluminium shank
    • oxgrip handle for ultimate comfort
    • handle set for perfect balance
    • multiple sizes
  30. OX-T010513-nz-small_img
    OX Trade Aluminium Hawk

    Product code: OX-T010513

    • high quality trade aluminium hawk
    • lightweight tempered aluminium blade for longer life
    • duragrip handle for improved ergonomics
    • 6 rivet handle attachment for extra strength
    • 330mm x 330mm

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