Leather Tool Pouches

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  1. OX-P260501-nz-small_img
    OX Leather Hammer Holder - Fixed

    Product code: OX-P260501

    • high quality leather fixed hammer holder
    • rust proof fixed metal hammer hanger
    • large slots for most tool belts
  2. OX-P260502-nz-small_img
    OX Leather Hammer Holder - Swivel

    Product code: OX-P260502

    • high quality leather swivel hammer holder
    • wide belt slots
    • rust proof swivel metal hammer hanger
  3. OX-P260503-nz-small_img
    OX Leather Tape Measure Holder

    Product code: OX-P260503

    • high quality all leather tape measure holder
    • fits most models of tapes
    • close with strap and snap
    • wide belt slots
    • two finger push up pocket
  4. OX-P260504-nz-small_img
    OX Leather Chisel Holder

    Product code: OX-P260504

    • high quality all leather chisel holder
    • designed to fit wood chisels chisels, rules and knives
    • wide belt slots
  5. OX-P260505-nz-small_img
    OX Leather Cordless Drill Holder

    Product code: OX-P260505

    • high grade leather cordless drill holder
    • fits most 18v cordless tools
    • 3 x screwdriver bit holders
    • over tool locking strap to safely hold tool in pouch
    • wide belt slot to fit all brands
  6. OX-P260703-nz-small_img
    OX Leather Carpenters Pouch

    Product code: OX-P260703

    • high grade oil tanned leather carpenters pouch
    • one large main pocket with smaller internal pockets
    • 2 front nail and screw pockets
    • metal tape holder clip
    • 3 x screwdriver bit holders
    • 2 x leather hammer loops
    • wide belt slots to fir all brands
  7. OX-P260705-nz-small_img
    OX Leather Nail Pouch

    Product code: OX-P260705

    • high grade leather nail pouch
    • one large main pocket
    • one metal hammer hanger
    • two front nail and screw pockets
    • internal pocket
    • wide belt slots to fit all brands
  8. ox-professional-leather-tool-pouch-with-belt_nz-small_img
    OX Leather Tool Pouch
    • premium quality leather tool belt with multiple pouches
    • riveted and double stitched for added strength
    • 2 x large inverted pockets, 2 x medium, 6 x small pockets, leather tape pocket, 2 x metal hammer hangers
    • 36" and 40"
  9. OX-T265102-nz-small_img
    OX Suede Leather 2 Pocket Tool Belt

    Product code: OX-T265102

    • high quality suede leather 2 pocket tool belt
    • rivet reinforced and double row stitching for added strength and durability
    • one large and one medium open mouth pocket
    • wide heavy duty webbing belt with a quick release plastic buckle
  10. ox_tanned_leather_belt_with_support_nz-small_img
    OX Tanned Leather Belt with support
    • high grade oil tanned leather belt supports
    • double stitching for added durability
    • metal roller buckle
    • 36" and 40"

12 Items

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