OX Pro 1800mm Concrete Screed with vial

SKU: OX-P021318
Barcode number: 9341231000997

The OX Pro Concrete Screed, made from heavy-duty structural alloy, offers durability and reliability for concrete levelling. Its reversible clamped handle, ergonomic grip, and easy-to-clean powder-coated finish ensure efficient and comfortable use. Featuring a built-in vial, this screed simplifies levelling, making it an essential tool for concrete work.

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Built with the tradesman in mind, the OX Pro Concrete Screed with vial stands as a testament to precision and durability in concrete levelling tasks. Featuring a magnified centre vial, this screed ensures accurate levelling, enabling professionals to achieve precise results. Its reversible clamped ergonomic grip handle guarantees ease of use and comfort during operation. The inclusion of internal ribbed support bars enhances the screed’s structural integrity, providing extra strength for prolonged and rigorous use. Additionally, the powder-coated finish not only contributes to its durability but also ensures easy cleaning, maintaining a professional appearance. Positioned for comfort, the cutting and pushing edge add further convenience, allowing for smooth and precise levelling applications. This screed, with its focus on accuracy, strength, and user comfort, proves to be an essential tool for professionals in the construction industry, facilitating efficient and precise concrete levelling with ease.

  • Magnified centre vial
  • Reversable clamped ergonomic grip handle for easy
  • Internal ribed support bars for extra strength
  • Easy to clean powder-coated finish
  • Cutting and pushing edge positioned for comfort



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