OX Pro Claw Bar – 10-Inch

SKU: OX-P083010
Barcode number: 5060242339981

The OX Pro Claw Bar, measuring 250mm (10in), is a professional-grade drop-forged steel tool. Versatile in striking, prying, and pulling, it features a unique hammerhead and polished bevelled claws for improved access. With a comfortable non-slip grip, it offers better leverage for various tasks.

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Built with the tradesman in mind, the OX Pro Claw Bar is a professional-grade tool meticulously drop-forged from steel, ensuring its durability and reliability for various tasks on the worksite. This multifunctional implement isn’t just a claw bar; it’s a versatile tool that serves the purposes of striking, prying, and pulling with finesse. Its unique hammerhead design offers diverse functionalities while the comfortable non-slip grip provides enhanced leverage, enabling users to work comfortably and efficiently. The polished bevelled claws enhance accessibility, making it easier to engage with surfaces. Available in sizes of 250mm and 300mm, this Claw Bar from OX caters to different needs, providing the ideal combination of strength, precision, and versatility essential for professional-grade performance on the job site.

  • Professional drop forged steel Claw Bar
  • Multi-functional capabilities for striking, prying and pulling
  • Unique hammer head
  • Comfort non-slip grip for better leverage
  • Polished bevelled claws for better access



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