OX Pro Plastic Float – 270mm x 350mm

SKU: OX-P012135
Barcode number: 9341231010767

The OX Pro Plastic Float features high-strength ABS plastic construction, ensuring durability for various surface applications. Its diamond-patterned base enhances grip and maneuverability, providing efficient and effective finishing for concrete and other materials. This float epitomizes OX’s commitment to delivering reliable and practical tools for professional-grade results in surface work.

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Built with the tradesman in mind, the OX Pro Plastic Float stands as a testament to professional craftsmanship in rendering tools. Constructed with high-strength ABS plastic, this float offers durability and resilience for demanding construction environments. The diamond pattern base enhances the tool’s performance, providing a textured surface that aids in achieving a smooth and consistent finish during rendering applications. The OX Pro Plastic Float is available in multiple sizes, catering to the varied needs of tradesmen and construction professionals. With a commitment to delivering reliable and efficient tools, OX ensures that this plastic float meets the high standards of the industry. Elevate your rendering tasks with the precision and strength offered by the OX Pro Plastic Float, a trusted companion for professionals seeking top-quality tools for their trade.

  • Professional plastic float for rendering
  • High strength ABS plastic
  • Diamond pattern base
  • Multiple sizes

    Manufacturer Warranty

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