OX Pro Ultrastrike Claw Hammer – 24 ounce

SKU: OX-P086524
Barcode number: 9341231051029

The OX Ultrastrike Claw Hammer offers an exceptional combination of features, including an anti-vibration bridge shaft that eliminates unwanted vibrations. Its lightweight and balanced design reduces fatigue during extended use. Crafted with precision, this hammer is drop forged and hardened for durability. The built-in magnetic nail starter simplifies nail placement, while the large striking face ensures efficient and accurate strikes.

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Built with the professional tradesman in mind, the OX Ultrastrike Claw Hammer features an anti-vibration bridge shaft, which eliminates uncomfortable and fatiguing vibrations that often plague extended use. This anti-vibration technology ensures a smoother and more precise striking experience.

Designed for comfort and efficiency, the OX Ultrastrike is a lightweight and balanced tool, reducing user fatigue during demanding tasks. Crafted with precision, it is drop forged and hardened, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity, even in the harshest working conditions. The OX grip ergonomic handle offers a secure and comfortable hold, enhancing control and reducing the risk of slippage.

Incorporating practicality into its design, this hammer is lanyard-capable, allowing you to keep it within easy reach on the job site. The built-in magnetic nail starter is a game-changer, simplifying nail placement and saving valuable time. Additionally, the OX Ultrastrike boasts a large striking face, further enhancing its efficiency and accuracy.

For professionals who demand excellence in their tools, the OX Ultrastrike Claw Hammer is a standout choice. Whether you’re a carpenter, builder, or tradesperson in any field, this hammer delivers on both performance and comfort, making it an invaluable addition to your toolkit. Trust OX for quality and innovation with the Ultrastrike Claw Hammer.

  • Light Weight and Balanced Designed
  • Drop Forged and Hardened
  • OX Grip Ergonomic Handle
  • Lanyard capable
  • Magnetic Nail Starter

    Manufacturer Warranty

    90-Day Hassle Free