OX Trade Builders Line – Pink #8 | 100m

SKU: OX-T102910
Barcode number: 9341231013133

The OX Trade 8# 100M Pink Builders Line is a durable synthetic high-tensile strength line designed for brick and block laying tasks. It comes in a flexible plastic spool and is available in lengths of 50m and 100m, providing flexibility and strength for various construction applications.

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Built with the tradesman in mind, the OX Trade Builders Line embodies superior strength and durability, offering a reliable solution for various construction tasks. Crafted from tough synthetic high-tensile-strength lime material, this builders line ensures resilience under pressure, maintaining its integrity even in demanding conditions. Its flexibility is enhanced by the use of a durable plastic spool, providing ease of use and tangle-free unwinding. Available in both 50-meter and 100-meter lengths, this line offers versatility for brick and block laying, making it an ideal choice for accurate alignments and straight layouts in construction projects. Whether it’s marking out foundations, ensuring precise brickwork, or establishing level reference points, the OX Trade Builders Line guarantees reliability and resilience, meeting the rigorous demands of trade professionals across diverse applications.

  • Tough synthetic high tensile strength Lime builders line
  • Flexible plastic spool
  • 50m and 100m
  • Ideal for brick and block laying

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