OX Ultimate ORBIS 8-Inch/200mm Wide Head End Cutting Nippers

SKU: OX-U230420
Barcode number: 9341231034954

The OX German Manufactured Wide Head End Cutting Nippers are a professional’s choice. With individually hardened jaws made from hardened tool steel, these nippers ensure durability. The PVC DURAGRIP handles provide extra comfort. Featuring a drop-forged narrow head design, they are ideal for precision work. The maximum cut thickness is 3.8mm, and the jaw hardness is 60.

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Crafted with the tradesman in mind, the OX Ultimate ORBIS 8-inch/200mm Wide Head End Cutting Nippers are a testament to German precision and durability. These nippers feature a narrow head design, meticulously drop-forged to ensure exceptional strength and resilience, making them an indispensable tool for professionals. The jaws are individually hardened and crafted from robust tool steel, providing outstanding cutting performance. The cutting capacity reaches a maximum thickness of 3.8mm, showcasing the tool’s formidable strength. The ergonomic design incorporates PVC DURAGRIP handles, delivering not only durability but also extra comfort during extended use. OX, a renowned Australian brand, emphasizes quality and reliability in these nippers. The hardness of the jaws, rated at 60, attests to the tool’s ability to tackle tough materials with ease. Whether you are a carpenter, electrician, or tradesman of any kind, the OX Ultimate ORBIS 8-inch/200mm Wide Head End Cutting Nippers exemplify excellence in construction, offering a reliable and efficient solution for your cutting needs.

  • Drop forged narrow head end cutting nippers
  • German Manufactured
  • Jaws are individually hardened and drop forged from hardened tool steel
  • PVC DURAGRIP handles for extra comfort
  • Max cut thickness3.8mm / Hardness (Jaw) 60

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